Binghamton, New York, has a story to tell and ABC recently completed development of all the content to communicate a new community brand.

ABC, in collaboration with Visit Binghamton, spent 2017 immersed in research and creative development to produce a campaign centered around the tagline “Be Part of Our Story.”

To bring the brand that connects Binghamton’s prominent past to its promising future to life, the storytellers of ABC came up with a multimedia campaign that includes feature-length stories and video series called “Bing Stories.”

Check out all the Bing Stories.

Research revealed that residents believed that the variety of outdoor adventures, rich culture and flourishing arts, food and craft beer scenes were among many reasons to visit. “Be Part of Our Story” brings all those features together under the BING name, which draws in the surrounding communities of Endicott and Johnson City as well.

Combining the power of video, in addition to the written word, ABC crafted six stories for the website that were also integrated in the 2018 Binghamton travel guide. An extensive historical feature paints the big picture both on the web and in print.

All these stories took forefront in the guide in a strategy to give the publication more of a travel magazine feel. Moving away from the tradition guide that often focus on listings, the Binghamton guide took a travel magazine-style layout with rich visuals to compelling original features about the faces and places of Binghamton.

Be part of the Binghamton story yourself. Check out the entire video and copy collection here and, heck, plan a trip while you’re at it!


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