New emotion tracking technology is making the web’s most powerful storytelling device even stronger.

Pinpoint Destination Marketing can now measure the effectiveness of the creative behind communicating travel experiences. Any video can be tested on viewers who tell us exactly what’s working – and what’s not – in one of destination marketing’s most important tools.

Viewers subconsciously express joy, surprise, anger, fear, sadness and disgust in their eyes and 40 different micro-expressions. We can actually measure the intensity of the emotions based on what viewers are seeing or feeling based on a particular soundtrack or message on the screen.

Major TV networks, movie studios and celebrities have used the award-winning platform to improve their content – NBC, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, iHeartMedia and Ryan Seacrest to name a few.

Despite its complexity, the technology is easy to use and open to anyone with a desktop computer or device with a camera. Our at-the-ready viewer panel members simply click a link, then watch the video content whenever and wherever they are.

Clients can tap into a nationwide network and narrow down the viewers based on a number of demographics or feeder markets – and do it quickly. Emotion tracking allows us to collect hard data and get actionable insights into the videos that are so critical to destination marketing communications.

Pinpoint can test on any video whether its our original content or something from an outside source. How effective is your video? Drop us a line to find out now.

To learn even more about this technology, click here.


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