130613_Mitchw_0112With over a decade of experience marketing all kinds of tourism entities and destinations, we at ABC have learned one thing.

People love to hear a story.

Think about it. How many times have you sat in a local pub or restaurant and your server has explained the history of the establishment or shared a story about the owners or maybe the ghost that lives upstairs?

Were you intrigued? Did you discuss it with your fellow guests after the server left? Did you tell someone else this story later on?

Now let’s take that to the next level. Does your town or village have some interesting history? Was it built by a unique group of people? Is there something special about the community’s culture? What’s the story? It doesn’t have to just be history either.

A recent marketing initiative we are proud of is our work with the Central New York Travel Region. This area has a rich history, sure, but it also has a ton of stories to tell right now.

130410_Mitchw_0018This particular initiative was built around the craft brewing growth happening in the area. We named it Brew Central. If someone takes a tour around the area and meets these brewers, they will hear a ton of extremely interesting stories.

From the sweet couple who own an apple farm and make hard cider using a 120-year-old press to the guys distilling with actual diamonds. Not to mention the small brewer who uses a bicycle contraption he built himself to grind his grains and the super cool brewery that makes beer based on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

All these stories and the many, many more in the region are tales that needed to be told. Now, don’t you want to come check these places out?

140626_Mitchw_0006Quit trying to come up with catchy taglines. Quit slaving over that listings database that shows all you have to offer and quit trying to be something you’re not. Just look around and tell your story. Seems simple right?

Check out some of our tourism projects or drop us a line to see how we might turn your destination into compelling collection of stories.


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