We all know the tune and I’m sure we’ve all had a time where we just caught ourselves leaning on this completely random selection process to help make a decision.

When it comes to placing ads or trying to determine the right media mix, so often we hear from clients that they just say “yes” to get the person to stop calling or bugging them. That they feel obligated to buy.


You can say no.

You should say no.

When determining your media plan, you really need to take a few steps back and determine not only who your target market is and where they are (meaning what form of media do they most likely tune into – whether that be radio, TV, print, social media, etc), but also figure out what works best for you. And I’m sure the easier thing to do is to just keep being that “yes-man” but guess what, if you say yes this year, chances are they will call again when it’s time to renew.

Plus, not that we have anything against media reps, but we find too that they have some form of super powers. Kind of like that Batman symbol so high in the sky. Once they see you advertised in maybe their friend’s pub or on their competition’s stations, the alarm is sounded and it’s like a free-for-all.

OK, so to bring it all back. We’re telling you to say “no” from now on and relax a minute.

Or …

Just let an agency to be that mean guy. Our clients love it.

They get to just say when they answer their phone – “You’ll want to reach out to our agency, they handle all of our placements.” Wow, see how easy that was? Then we’ll step in, gather all of the data, do some research on the outlet and present you with recommendations. We’ll even tell them that right now you’re already committed your media plan for the year.

Don’t feel obligated or pressured into committing even if it is a “once-in-a-lifetime” type of promo.

Every medium is not right for every business, but every decision you make does cost money. Invest wisely in your placement and how you select it.

Remember you can say no. In fact, we encourage you to start practicing.


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