Pinpoint Destination Marketing

Finding Your Story

(1) Our Process

We believe that every place – anyplace – can be a destination. Every location is on “the map,” it’s just a matter of pinpointing why someone should take the time to find it – not just with their fingers on a keyboard, but with feet on the ground.

We help you find your story, then we help you share that experience. Pinpoint uses internal research, community buy-in and data-driven analysis to bring your best into focus, develop engaging creativity and deploy the media strategy that will draw more people to your destination more often.

(2) Developing Content

Once we’ve pinpointed the story worth telling, we begin plotting how it should be told and who should be listening. Branding is about feelings. The message – the story – we build together revolves around transforming research into ideas that we will use to stir strong emotions both inside and beyond your community.

Pinpoint’s website development, video production, written content and creative advertising all tell that story. We approach every project with the creative confidence that our experience, talent and tools will shape the narrative that inspires movement.

(3) Media

We then turn to our strategic expertise to tell a powerful story across all media, feeder markets and target audiences. Our tactics build real leads – not just to websites, but to destinations.

Creative minds and smart tools craft the media mix that best uses the epic video, compelling copy, engaging design, content-rich websites and appealing public relations that Pinpoint develops. Our decade-plus of tourism industry experience – and results – helps guide effective digital and traditional marketing strategies.


All this is driven by a seasoned team of destination marketing experts to help communities realize true potential, build an inspiring brand and motivate travelers to be a part of it. Our 15 years in destination marketing have proven that every community – anywhere – can be a destination. We’ve got the results to back it up, including recognition from …

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